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As a full-service engineering and construction firm, Janicek Construction is built to handle your excavation needs. Using a well-developed process, our excavation contracting team handles every project using strategic planning and care. Depending on your project needs, we will customize our process to fit the structure of work required. However, no matter the project, our team will flawlessly execute every phase.




This couple was looking for some additional parking and a place to turnaround in their long driveway.

Extra Parking Addition


How can I know there is Grading Problem?

If there is water standing still on the lawn, then there is grading problem. Standing water is also breeding place for mosquitoes and in turn spreading diseases. Standing water also cause damages to the foundation of the home. Most of the people think that grading issues are formed in unoccupied lands, but the problems can be found in your place and lawn also.

What is the work involved in Grading?

In grading the foremost step is to remove the topsoil layer and sculpt the land with a bulldozer to obtain the desired level. If any irrigation works are pending and any repairs are there, make sure to do it before the grading process is completed. After grading it’s not good to again remove the soil for completion of irrigation works. After leveling the underneath soil, add the topsoil back.

Leveling the Garden :

Start with a plan and have the garden measured. Break up the soil in the garden by mulching or mowingtechnique. The process removes dirt and loosens the soil. Grading involves essential post leveling job. Since grading tears up grass to create a smooth dirt surface, the grading contractor must establish a good foundation for new sod. Use quality materials for grading.

Landscape grading is not a big maintenance issue if the lawn is maintained correctly. It is a foundation item done at the time of preparing the garden for the first time. Problems can arise when the grading is not done up to the mark. Landscape grading is leveling of the land where the lawn is being constructed. Grading is the technique used for the free flow of the water through the garden.


Results of Poor Grading in Lawns :

  • Causes Soil erosion during rains and storms

  • Stagnant water in a lawn is breeding place for mosquitoes and later has the risk of causing diseases.

  • Water running back from rain and storms can cause moisture issues to the foundation of the house.

  • Water from rains creates pressure on the basement and gives cracks, leading to structural damages.

  • Improper diversion of the rainwater and snow can cause problems to your neighbors, and in-turn causes trouble to you.

Things to Remember while Grading :

  • The season for the grading process is the dry season. If the process is done in a rainy season, then there is a chance of soil erosion.

  • If the grading is too close to the wall cladding, then you are giving way to the termites into the house. Proper backfill at the foundation is crucial.

  • All the soil evacuated from the lawn can be reused for the grading process. Always be sure that the land is free from erosion if there is any rain coming by chance.


Fine Grading

Rough Grading

Precise grading of ground after rough levels have been reached, to prepare for seeding, planting, or paving.

The process of establishing the shape, soil composition, and drainage of a certain piece of land. In this stage, you can literally transform the ground to fit your landscaping dreams, factoring in existing trees, walkways, pools, and other impediments.

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